Endpoint Detection and Response

With the Binary Defense Vision solution, our security team will protect your business through continuously collecting, recording, and storing endpoint data giving you surveillance-like visibility you can use to investigate past incidents or proactively hunt for threats lurking in your networks.

Installed in seconds with zero user impact.

Over 250 million events analyzed per day.

5,000 intrusions prevented (on average) every single day.

Instant visibility and protection across an entire enterprise.

Created by understanding the attacker mindset and behavior.

Detect the Undetectable with the Binary Defense Vision Platform
The Process
Without adding costly hardware, resource intensive software, or extra personnel, we deploy nano agents across your environments that will provide essential data to our Security Operations Center (SOC) 24x7x365. You receive customized reports tailored to your needs; we believe swift action takes clear communication.

86,400 Monitoring

Every threat — from the common to the sophisticated — swiftly identified and isolated by our dynamic endpoint services.

The Binary Defense Vision platform has detection and prevention capabilities for each part of the attack lifecycle. Protect your brand, your data, and your enterprise with Binary Defense Vision.

24/7 round-the-clock security event monitoring
100% cloud based
Alert for state changes that may be Indicators of Compromise
Off-line support
Removes the burden of keeping definitions current
Behavioral analytics, analysis, and intelligence
Always available cloud-scale data management
Consolidated real-time data collection
Techniques to detect suspicious system behavior
User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA)
EDR, MDR, and Vision, Oh My!

Best Practices for Endpoint Detection & Response

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Binary Defense Vision Security Operations Center

Decades of Unparalleled Experience at Your Service
We are the best partner you will ever have–we are always available, always responsive, and always one step ahead.
From senior software analysts to one of the co-creators of Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), we are proud to be your full-service, around-the-clock security partner.
Binary Defense can handle every aspect of your endpoint security environment, rapidly identifying and isolating endpoint threats to stop breaches and keep you secure.
Developed by one of the Top 10 IT Security Influencers in the World, Vision offers superior detection to any solution available, both on and off premise. Combines attack intelligence and machine learning to identify abnormal patterns of behavior.
Advanced next-generation threat detection identifies the early stages of attacks:
Anomaly detection
Detection of Advanced Persistant Threats (APT)
Lateral movement detection
Privilege escalation detection
Powershell injection and other Microsoft utility exploits
Pass the hash detection
Detect. Protect. Respond.

Our next-generation agent utilizes detection, deception, and protection to respond to attacks.

Rapid response
Reduce the time to detect and respond to security incidents
30-minute Service Level Agreement
Accelerates investigation and remediation
Automated response features for Incident Response
SOC analysts easily accessible by phone and email
Deception technology
Proactive detection, device monitoring, and blocking of known malware, unknown malware, and zero-day exploits and vulnerabilities
Active threat hunting
High probability alerts and threat intelligence
Honeypots and decoys
Customer Dashboard and Metrics
360-degree visibility across customer’s on-premises and cloud resources
Continuous asset discovery and visibility
Find and visualize data from their systems
Improve situational awareness
Notification of potential security and privacy breaches
Visualized insights
Binary Defense
Out-of-the-box Detection

Rapid and accelerated detection and identification of attacker activities and breaches.

Continuous Analysis
Scopes attacks in seconds for global contextual incident enrichment
Collect data on new attack Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
Customizable behavioral detection
Persistent collectors activate triggers on detection of attack events
Root cause analysis
Monitors accounts and privileged account usage
Application security monitoring
Cloud security monitoring
File integrity monitoring
Monitoring for use of anonymization services (eg. use of DuckDuckGo, VPN proxy)
Network access policy monitoring

Binary Defense EDR Overview

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We will protect you.

Endpoint Detection & Response
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Endpoint Detection & Response
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Installed in seconds with zero user impact. Over 250M events analyzed per day. Thousands of intrusions prevented every single day. Instant visibility and protection across an entire enterprise. Created by understanding the attacker mindset and behavior. Deployed on hundreds of thousands of endpoints across the globe.