Real-Time, Unsurpassed Endpoint Detection and Prevention

Get unparalleled security and coveted peace of mind.


Detect the Undetectable with the Vision Platform.

Every threat — from the common to the sophisticated — swiftly identified and isolated by our dynamic endpoint services.

Binary Defense Threat Intelligence provides best-in-class visibility and indispensable warning indicators.

Our Vision platform has detection and prevention capabilities for each part of the attack lifecycle. Protect your brand, your data, and your enterprise with Binary Defense’s Vision platform.

Binary Defense Threat Intelligence Overview Document

Binary Defense Threat Intelligence Overview Document

Vision Endpoint Protection

Detect. Protect. Respond.

Our next-generation agent utilizes detection, deception, and protection to respond to attacks.

Vision’s interface makes reports and alerts easily digestible and always available, giving you a top-notch security solution with minimal effort. Less Work, More Business.

Optimal, Proactive Endpoint Security
Stop your enemy before they strike. Binary Defense’s protection utilizes simplified known-good (application whitelisting) to reduce the noise and focus on what really matters. Additionally, we analyze machine behavior and historic trends and anticipate abnormal patterns to keep you secure.

Next-Generation Defense
Adversaries no longer use the traditional hacking methods, so your protection shouldn’t either. Ditch Anti-Virus. It’s ineffective, provides little visibility, and doesn’t provide the protection you need. Vision is the next generation of prevention and a replacement for Anti-Virus – not signature-based, but on attack pattern.

Proactive, Expert Response
Vision enables security operations to investigate and act when an incident occurs. From direct interactions with our Security Operations Center, to quality alarm data, to taking an affected system offline — Vision is a trusted extension of your team.

Vision Threat Intelligence

Be Smarter. Be Safer. Be Protected.

Delivering cutting-edge security intelligence for the most vulnerable part of an organization: endpoints.

Combine Vision Intelligence with Vision Security Operations Center to achieve best-in-class protection and some pretty amazing Binary Defense teammates (if we do say so ourselves). Get back to work, and leave the security to us.

Vision Security Operations Center

Decades of Unparalleled
Experience at Your Service

We are the best partner you will ever have–we are always available, always responsive, and always one step ahead.

From senior software analysts to one of the co-creators of Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), we are proud to be your full-service, around-the-clock security partner.

Binary Defense can handle every aspect of your endpoint security environment, rapidly identifying and isolating endpoint threats to stop breaches and keep you secure. It’s clear that our Security Operations Center is second-to-none.

Installed in seconds with zero user impact.

Over 219,023,388 events analyzed per day.

4,987 intrusions prevented (on average) every single day.

Instant visibility and protection across an entire enterprise.

Created by understanding the attacker mindset and behavior.

Deployed on hundreds of thousands of endpoints across the globe.



Abnormal Behavior Detection
in the Enterprise

Most enterprises struggle with the ability to detect attack vectors that are designed to evade most enterprise defenses. The shifting tactics of the attackers are troublesome for most companies due to the nature of how the attacks work and the inability to change dynamically with the attack vectors.



We will protect you.