Defending Your Business

Extend your security team with the top platform and the best partners.


Full Service Maintenance, Evolution, and Support

Binary Defense integration specialists will design, maintain, and/or architect a solution that exceeds your security needs.

We are technology-agnostic, which means we are never obsolete and always ahead of the game. Our team has the ability to implement a new SIEM and manage every aspect or take over and ensure your SIEM infrastructure is running and managed appropriately.

Our customizable service and technology can support your infrastructure in a suite of options:

  • Monitor your existing SIEM 24/7 via our elite team at our Security Operations Center.
  • Replace existing SIEM infrastructure or implement a new SIEM if one doesn’t exist and manage all aspects of the SIEM including use case development, health checks, monitoring, and more.
  • Replace existing endpoint software with Binary Defense’s proprietary world-class endpoint protection system: the Vision platform.
  • Manage incoming threats and behavioral abnormalities, and modify your SIEM accordingly.

Binary Defense Services Overview Document

Binary Defense Threat Intelligence Overview Document

Security Operations Center

Team of Defenders

Our team of experts respond and escalate possible threats to your organization around-the-clock. We’re talented, focused, and a true extension of your security team.

Binary Defense’s Security Operations Center consists of industry experts, solid business processes, and a deep understanding in attack patterns that allow Binary Defense to (on day one) provide immediate value to our customers.

Our team focuses on building a close relationship with our customers so that we become an extension of the security team. You get to really know the people you work with and provide integration into your current incident response program. David Kennedy, the former CSO at Diebold and the founder of Binary Defense, built a security operations center with the intention of instilling the same level of feel, comfort, and reliance as an in-house security team. We learn your systems and network and understand how attackers compromise networks.

SIEM Monitoring

Detect Today. Not Tomorrow.

Let Binary Defense’s experts get to work. This full-service option provides you with peace of mind.

Our patent-pending systems have your back, from utilizing our unrivaled systems to detect next-gen breaches to partnering with the best hackers and hunters in the world at our Security Operations Center. We draw the line at tucking you in at night, but that’s about it.  

SIEM Management

A Well-Oiled Machine

Binary Defense engineers can integrate into any type of SIEM infrastructure and replace endpoint protection software. We have a large selection of preexisting use cases, detection capabilities, and the ability to write custom connectors depending on data sources.

With SIEM Management, we will:

  • Deliver day-one detection with our use cases and shared collective understanding of attackers
  • Build additional detection measures into your existing or new SIEM infrastructure
  • Analysis of suspicious behavioral patterns
  • Monitor your security systems and identify vulnerabilities
  • Provide continuous real-time analysis


Abnormal Behavior Detection
in the Enterprise

Most enterprises struggle with the ability to detect attack vectors that are designed to evade most enterprise defenses. The shifting tactics of the attackers are troublesome for most companies due to the nature of how the attacks work and the inability to change dynamically with the attack vectors.



We will protect you.