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BDS Vision – Real-Time Detection Software

When I left an amazing job as a Chief Security Officer, my goal was to build a team that changed the industry for the better. I started TrustedSec with the mindset of starting Binary Defense and ultimately continuing to build something special. At TrustedSec, we always found that a company would have a number of technologies; however, there would be a large gap in understanding offensive capabilities. As an industry, we provide a service to identify risks, protect our businesses, equipment, technology, and more. Understanding the offense and detecting attackers in the early stages shouldn’t be a mystery or an unknown.

While most solutions focus on point commoditized malware, my goal was building something very different in nature, something that looked at targeted attackers and behavior in an environment that wasn’t normal and was atypical on systems. Being on both the red (offense) and blue (defense), visibility today is one of the most crucial pieces to detecting an attack. Most attackers get in within a few hours of focusing on an organization and move to key systems until they find access to the data they need.

Today, and after three years of active development with a team of awesome folks, we’re releasing Binary Defense Systems’ “Vision”. Take a look at the video; we’ve built something special here, and something that we believe will make the industry better.

Vision is a minimalistic agent (we call it nano agent) that can be deployed on servers and workstations that focus on detection of real-time attacks and doing most of the analysis for you on the endpoint vs. offloading large amounts of data to a large server infrastructure in a complex nature. The goal was to be able to deploy something very quickly and get immediate visibility into an organization without impacting system performance, needing complex ramp up on understanding and technology, or understanding how attackers go after a company (offensive capabilities). Vision isn’t just another piece of technology to make security even more complex; this is the opposite. Vision is designed to make it easier and to give the right kind of visibility into attacks. The team here has dedicated their careers to making information security better and Vision is something that we believe in immensely.

We’re excited about Vision’s future and where we are now. Thanks to all the awesome companies and partners that allowed us for years to experiment alpha wise and testing. We had thousands of endpoints, servers, and infrastructure to test on. We now are actively monitoring over 70,000 endpoints under Vision’s view. Thanks to the development crew (Jimmy, Charles, Jason, Nathan, Arun, and the rest – you are all awesome!) here at BDS, the SOC, Mickles, Mike V, Burny, TrustedSec (awesome team), and everyone who contributed to making this possible. I would not have been able to get here without my team at BDS and at TrustedSec.

Special thanks:

Jimmy – instrumental on the design, architecture, concepts, framework, backend, and explaining things to me simply in a way that made this so much better.

Charles – the countless nights after I would send you a new prototype and 2AM messages on a new exciting feature you added. Putting your heart and soul into this.

Jason – keeping us all in sync and making sure we always had the latest and greatest out there.