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Binary Defense Software Developer Uses Programming Expertise to Help Injured Veteran Regain Mobility

Ilya picMany Binary Defense employees are involved in their communities, using their skills to give back or to educate their neighbors about cybersecurity. Binary Defense Senior Python Developer Ilya Gotfryd recently gave his time to a very worthy cause. In conjunction with a group called Challenge America, Ilya and a team of volunteers helped develop a device that will improve the mobility of an injured veteran’s hands. Israeli Army Counter Terror veteran Uzi Patzinish suffered severe nerve damage in a vehicular accident. As a result, his hands are stiff and clenched, preventing him from doing simple activities.

Ilya and his team developed arm and hand braces which stretch Uzi’s hands out while he sleeps, using an automated 30-minute timer, giving him more flexibility during the day. Ilya developed the stretch automation software in C++ using AdaFruit stack to run a nightly timer and a prescribed stretch exercise.

mobility device ilya challenge america

The results? Uzi is using the device and seeing improved mobility, and the Veterans Administration has filed a provisional patent which means that other injured veterans may benefit from the innovation created by Ilya and the Challenge America team.

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