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Fake Online FBI Scam

A new cyberattack is impersonating the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center and trying to scam personal data from victims or download malicious files. fbi-logo.jpegThe Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, is an FBI division which allows the public to report illegal activity online. The threat actors are unknown but use phishing emails which promise restitution.

The emails try to look legitimate by using hyperlinks to news articles regarding the arrest of, ironically, internet fraudsters. Three other methods of this scam have been seen. One uses a fake IC3 media page which requests personal data in order to report a crime. Another is an email which says the recipient’s name was found in a database, and the victim is due compensation “for unfair treatment.” The third method is, an email from the “Internet Crime Investigation Center/Cyber Division,” which claims that the recipient’s IP address may be a victim of cybercrime.

Readers are reminded to be highly suspicious of all unsolicited emails, and to double-check websites for legitimacy.