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Threat Intelligence: Netflix Phishing Scam

A new Phishing campaign has been identified by authorities in Ohio that is targeting Netflix users. The campaign sends an email to a Netflix customer asking that user to update their payment information on their website with a link to do so. The email states that the account is “on hold” until the information is updated. Netflix has put out a statement saying that their user’s security is important to them and that they are available for any inquires that their customers may have. Scams like these are becoming more common and Netflix is not the first big streaming company to be targeted. Users should always check where the email came from and look for any obscure parts of the email including bad grammar or punctuation.

Binary Defense Recommendation: If a user finds themselves to be a target of one of these emails or they receive an email which is similar, they should not click on any links included in the email. If they believe that they need to do something through Netflix, like update payment information, they should go to the Netflix site by typing the domain into their browser. This will ensure that the user is at the actual Netflix website.