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2019 Cyber Security Predictions

2018 carried a plethora of cyber-attacks, including tons of data breaches that have started to become more talked about than ever. Cyber-tampering of elections continued to be a worry for many people, and malware is evolving like everything else. It is expected that cyber-attacks will continue to increase. Talk about cyber-security will likely become more common in the boardroom and within the government.  Many Congress people have already stated that they want to make data breaches something that is discussed and likely will begin to implement more mandates than they do now. Predictions for 2019 vary from person to person. Many believe that new discoveries in 2018 will become the next most targeted thing in 2019 because someone proved it could be done. No one knows exactly what the attacks will be like in 2019, but they will assuredly happen and attacks will continue to evolve.

Analyst Notes

Everyone should stay alert this new year and continue to evolve their security planning and protection. A response plan should be in place in case of an attack, so that mitigation can swiftly occur.