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500,000 Google+ Users’ Data Causes a Shut Down

It seems as if social media is having a lot of problems as of late, most recently Google+. Third-party developers received the data of a mass number of users due to a data breach.  The accessed data included usernames, emails, occupation information, dates of birth, profile pictures, and gender-related information. API logs are not kept longer than two weeks, so an exact number of effected users cannot be calculated, but Google assures that none of their 438 developers knew of or accessed any of the information. No technical details about the breach have been released, however it is very similar to the flaw that Facebook suffered. Although still accessible by enterprise users, the tech giant has decided to shut down the app, saying it did not have a broad adoption to its public users. Google has decided to review and introduce some new privacy controls. One specific example is the Account Permissions system that will ask for requested permissions individually, giving users the ability to specifically select what data they want to share with the app. Google has witnessed a two-percent drop in their shares since the announcement of the breach.