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Anonymous Continues Hit-and-Miss Support for OpIcarus

Over the holidays, the support within Anonymous for the OpIcarus campaign decreased significantly, especially over the week of New Years.  It seemed that following Loriansynaro’s move away from Yellowvests and OpIcarus to OpSudan ,that little would actually be done for OpIcarus.  Over the weekend, Anonymous’ JTSEC continued their reconnaissance work against financial institutions.  OpIcarus has traditionally focused on financial institutions around the world, however this phase has oddly avoided targeting financial institutions in the United States.  While some discussion of U.S. banks took place early on when a list of federal reserve sites from a previous phase was shared, and again when some discussions of the Yellowvest movement moving to the U.S. began, little plans were ever actually formed.  As with the majority of the works and plans of this current phase of OpIcarus, all of the financial institutions which have been discussed were located throughout Europe.  Some posts were shared online by members of Anonymous claiming a takedown of the New York Stock Exchange website.  This takedown however was from a phase of OpIcarus which took place back in 2016 and had nothing to do with any of the current actions being taken by members of Anonymous or supporters of the OpIcarus campaign.

Analyst Notes

It is likely that this is being used as a means of reenergizing Anonymous’ supporters and trying to prop up the faltering campaign.