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Anonymous Continues with the Targeting of Banks

Anonymous is continuing their crusade against the financial industry after releasing targeting and reconnaissance data for several more financial institutions over the weekend.  As with other recent instances of targeting, the only reconnaissance data shared online would only aid attackers in carrying out a DDoS attack.  While this phase of OpIcarus has certainly seen a higher level of reconnaissance activity than most phases, the number of attacks has not been any higher than previous phases.  The sharpest increase in reconnaissance activity came following the departure of LorianSynaro from the campaign.  LorianSynaro was one of the few members of Anonymous who actually carried out any attacks in support of OpIcarus.

Analyst Notes

JTSEC appears to be trying to keep the OpIcarus campaign relevant by continuing to post targeting data online likely in the hopes that they can inspire other members of Anonymous to begin attacking financial institutions once more. The institutions offered up by JTSEC over the weekend included two different pages for the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of Canada, the Bank of Italy, and the Mitsubishi Financial Group.