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Anonymous (OpICE)

Anonymous has released a new public statement pertaining to the recent news events about ICE and their treatment of children and families. They believe that taking children from their parents at the border is now what America stands for but is not what it used to be about. In the post, they call out that America has changed in the past years and that it used to be a place that would welcome anyone in. The post made comments about what The Statue of Liberty was meant to mean and how they believe that meaning has changed.  The post stated that on June 28th, 2018 they will “take to the streets” and occupy all the ICE facilities around the country. The post states that they will not tolerate White Supremacy and that everyone should join with them to protest the ICE facilities. The list of sites that they are calling for protests at include 25 different sites including main sites and field offices. The facilities span from California and Texas all the way up to Massachusetts. In the news, these events have been bringing up discussion around the country and with Anonymous attempting to organize mass protests, it is likely more than just members of anonymous will be partaking in the protest. Previously in posts like this from Anonymous, they have made statements about keeping the protest peaceful but this post has made no mention of this.