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Anonymous Targets German Energy Firm

Members of Anonymous Deutschland (Anonymous Germany) have threatened German energy firm RWE.   RWE has been under attack by a number of groups publicly for their decision to clear the Hambach Forest as part of a planned expansion.  In protest, a number of environmental groups moved into the forest and erected tree houses in an attempt to stop the expansion. Last week as activists were being cleared from the forest, a 27-year-old journalist was killed when he fell through faulty floor boards on a bridge that had been strung up between two tree houses.  Many are now blaming RWE for the man’s death and are attempting to use his death to bring more into the fight against RWE.  Early this week Anonymous Deutschland posted a warning to RWE on YouTube just one day before one of the company’s servers was taken down by a DDoS attack.  RWE has filed a criminal complaint against Anonymous, however they should not hold their breath that anything will come of that complaint.