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Anonymous to Likely Revisit OpWhales After Japan Announces Return to Whaling

After Japan put a halt to whaling, Anonymous stopped their actions in support of the OpWhales campaign even though Japan was not the only nation which was targeted by the campaign.  Iceland saw its fair share of attacks, especially against government offices, during the height of the OpWhales campaign.  Earlier this week, Japan announced that it would begin to allow whaling operations again beginning in 2019.  Many have already begun to take to social media with the OpWhales tag.  Some have already begun sharing details of the previously carried out attacks from the campaign, including attacks carried out against the Japanese Prime Minister.  Based off previous phases of the OpWhales campaign, the threat of the campaign is not only limited to government entities.  Public companies have also been targeted by this campaign. Nissan’s Japanese website and servers were successfully attacked multiple times

Analyst Notes

If members of Anonymous do revisit the OpWhales campaign, it will likely not begin until after the new year and probably closer to the commencement of new whaling operations.