New Threat Research: The Client/Server Relationship — A Match Made In Heaven 

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Anti-Indian Hackers

Unrest in the Kashmir region has been on the rise since the governor declared Governor’s Rule on June 20th. Anti-Indian sentiment has been on the rise and every counter-terror operation that has been attempted in the region has encountered citizenry throwing stones at Indian forces while protesting Indian rule in the region. Kashmir has always been a volatile region and pro-Pakistani/anti-Indian hackers have typically capitalized on periods of elevated tension to build support for terrorist/separatist groups in the region. Over the coming weeks, a number of cyber-attacks will probably be carried out against government and military units not only along the Pakistani border, but also in other regions throughout India in an attempt to increase support for those wishing to get rid of Indian control in the region. While the majority of attacks during similar periods have typically targeted the Indian government and military, private industry has also felt the pressure of these attacks at times as well–especially when servers housing government websites are taken offline which are also used to host websites of private businesses. While any attacks carried out during this period of increased tension has the potential to harm private industry, it is unlikely to specifically target business interests.

Analyst Notes

When giving an assessment our Intelligence Specialists will use the following terms to describe the probability that the assessment will be proven true. Possibly indicates that there is a 60% or better chance that the indicated action will take place. Probably indicates that there is a 75% or better chance that the indicated action will take place. Likely indicates that there is a 90% – 99% chance that the indicated action will take place. No assessment will ever be given by Binary Defense Systems Threat Intelligence Team with 100% certainty as there are always going to be variables that cannot be accounted for.