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Ayyildiz Tim Continues Targeting India

Ayyildiz Tim: Ayyildiz Tim has continued showing their support for Pakistan with continued attacks on Indian institutions.  Ayyildiz Tim had voiced their support for Pakistan early on in the conflict and began targeting a large number of Indian institutions with defacements and DDoS attacks.  Over the past week, the group has targeted a number of Indian educational institutions with defacements primarily and a few DDoS attacks.  The group is clearly very dedicated to this campaign as they have been making time to carry out continued attacks in spite of having other issues closer to home which they have been involved in as well.  Over the past several months, Ayyildiz Tim has shown a significant increase in their activities.

Analyst Notes

It is currently unknown what has sparked this new surge in activity by the group throughout eastern Europe, the Middle East, and India, but the group has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon.