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Boeing Subsidiary Jeppesen Suffers Cyberattack

Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen has suffered what is likely a ransomware attack. While a ransomware attack has not yet been confirmed by Boeing or Jeppesen, when asked about the incident, they stated it was still an ongoing situation. The attack has affected different operations such as flight planning, products, and communication channels. Boeing has mentioned that they “have no reason to believe that this incident poses a threat to aircraft or flight safety.” However, it has been confirmed that new Notice to Air Missions (NOTAMs) have been affected. This is an industry term for notices filed with aviation authorities to alert pilots of potential hazards along a flight route. Not publishing hazard notifications could pose a risk to aircraft and flight safety. Since the situation is ongoing, more information will likely be released in the coming week.

Analyst Notes

To minimize the effect of ransomware attacks, organizations should regularly back up their data and keep secure copies offline. It is also important to keep systems up to date with patches and anti-virus software. A 24/7 monitoring solution like the one that is offered by Binary Defense and the Security Operations Center should be considered when determining a defense solution as well. Monitoring for network intrusions and reporting suspicious activity can greatly reduce the effects of an attack and can save companies a substantial amount of money.