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Calendar Invitation Spam Campaign Offers Users iPhone X

This specific campaign involves users receiving a large number of Google calendar invites. Within these calendar invites is an offer that states the user has won a free iPhone X from AppleStore. Users are then requested to verify the store’s location by following an included link. When visiting the link, users could be faced with anything from a survey scam, to phishing pages attempting to steal login information, or malware installation. Because of the improvement in email filters and in order to gain as much attention as possible, spammers will often change their delivery methods. Even though spam deliverance through calendar invites is not new, there has been an increase in attempts recently.

Analyst Notes

In order to stay safe users should go to their Google calendar, find the gear icon and then visit their settings. From there, events settings should be selected and then users should change the “Automatically Add Invitations” setting from yes to no.