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Checkers Restaurant Data Breach

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc has revealed a data breach that possibly affected more than 100 of its locations recently. Attackers were successful in placing malware in the company’s Point of Sale (POS) systems which allowed the attackers to steal credit card payment information in 103 locations in 20 different states. The Checkers brand also owns Rally’s and has around 900 total locations. In a statement from the company, they stated that not all customers from the affected locations were involved in the breach.  The information potentially stolen was the user’s credit card number, cardholder name, card verification code, and expiration date. Checkers states that they are working to enhance the chain’s security after the breach and is working with federal law enforcement agencies in an effort to better protect customers.

Analyst Notes

Users are advised to continually monitor their bank statements for suspicious or fraudulent activity. If suspicious activity is found, the user should contact their financial institution in an effort to rectify the problem.