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China Forces Twitter to Create New Policy for State Sponsored Advertisement

China: Twitter and Facebook have both been forced to implement new rules stopping state-backed accounts and pages from being able to pay for and distribute advertisements on their platforms. China took to these Social Media Platforms after the protests in Hong Kong started to gain popularity and used different accounts to spread misinformation–much like Russia did with their “Troll Armies,” which they deployed around election time. Twitter deleted over 900 accounts that they found to either be run by the Chinese Government or have ties to them. The Chinese accounts started to compare the protesters in Hong Kong to ISIS and continued making slanderous comments against them and their mission. Chinese media outlets stated that they were using the platforms to share standard information about the protests, but the Social Media Giants did not see it that way. Since the first misinformation sharing began, many other countries have jumped on board, including China when they were blamed for using these types of campaigns during the 2018 election in Taiwan.

Analyst Notes

Though Twitter and Facebook have begun cracking down on these accounts, governments will likely continue to use these campaigns and make new accounts as quickly as they are shut down.