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China Named the Top Nation-state Threat to United States

China: The Federal Chief Information Security Officer for the United States recently named China the most dangerous threat to the United States in cyberspace. It was stated that they have the “capacity and the capability and the intent” to target and disrupt the United States. China has shown clear intent in the past when targeting the United States–carrying out numerous cyberespionage attacks on different entities such as critical infrastructure and government entities. The CISO’s biggest reasoning for this is because Americans themselves have a major reliance on information systems, making them one of the biggest targets in the world because of the damage that attacking these systems could cause. With technology growing, the battleground for nation-state actors is continuing to grow and China, in particular, has always been one of the major actors targeting the United States.

Analyst Notes

Attacks from China on the United States will continue while China continues to collect information and gain access to systems around the US, stealing the information and maintaining persistence within systems for access at a later date.