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Chinese Government Arrest Three in Connection with $87 Million Crypto-Currency Heist

The Chinese government has announced the arrest of three Chinese citizens in connection with a crypto-currency theft that was reported back in March.  The initial investigation came after a report by an unidentified citizen who had found that a hacker had breached their computer and stolen $14.5 million.  The funds were found by investigators to have been transferred to a person only identified as “Zhou”.  Further investigation uncovered 2 accomplices and a total of $87 million in stolen crypto-currency between the three.  The attackers used a series of chained proxies in attempt to cover their tracks, they also moved the stolen funds through a significant number of wallets to move funds around.  This left Chinese authorities with over 30,000 separate “streams of evidence” to investigate.  While the Chinese government is receiving full credit for the arrest they had assistance from not only multiple government agencies working together but also several private companies assisting in analysis of the technical data of the thefts.