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Cybercrime Forum Breaches Are a Common Theme in 2021

Four cybercrime forums are reported to have been breached in 2021. Information about users of cybercrime forums Verified, Crdclub, Exploit, and Maza have all been exposed in recent months. Researchers discovered a post on Raid Forums in January where a threat actor claimed to have breached Verified. Information including private messages, posts, threads, hashed passwords, as well as $150,000 worth of crypto currency were all able to be extracted from Verified. The data is now being sold for $100,000. Crdclub had an admin account accessed in February which allowed the hacker to steal money from the forum by scamming users of the site. During the month of March, both Exploit and Maza have experienced breaches that exposed databases. At this time, it is not known if the attacks are connected or who is behind them.

Analyst Notes

Although some of the activity on these forums is illegal, simply having an account is not, and many security researchers maintain accounts on these sites that have been affected by breaches. To be better protected when signing up for any site, a unique username and password combination is suggested. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) should be used when it is available. Information that was included in these breaches could help analysts and law enforcement track down some of the site users that are using the forums to carry out illegal activity.