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D-Link Routers Vulnerable to Three Vulnerabilities

Eight router models from D-Link are vulnerable to three vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to gain complete control over them. The affected models include DWR-116, DIR-140L, DIR-640L, DWR-512, DWR-712, DWR-912, DWR-921, DWR-111. The first vulnerability (CVE-2018-10822) is a traversal security gap vulnerability. This allows a remote attacker to read arbitrary files and exists due to an incorrect repair of CVE-2017-6190. The second vulnerability (CVE-2018-10824) is an administrative password stored in plain text. If the attacker uses a path traversal flaw, they could easily read the file where this password is stored. The last vulnerability (CVE-2018-10823), is a shell command injection vulnerability that could allow an authenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on the compromised device. The vulnerabilities were reported to D-Link in May and a PoC has been released as well. D-Link only released a patch for two of the models (DWR-116 and DWR-111) because the others had “reached end of life.”