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Data Breach of Taiwan’s Ministry of Civil Services Suffers Data Breach

Personal information of nearly 244,000 civil servants was compromised in a data breach involving Taiwan’s Ministry of Civil Services (MOCS). MOCS was made aware of the breach on June 22, 2019 and it was reported that the information was publicly available on foreign websites. The information included in the breach included ID numbers, names, national identification card numbers, agency information, job designation, and the agencies the civil servants work for. After the discovery, the ministry immediately reported it to the National Center for Cyber Security Technology in accordance with the Cyber Security Management Act, and they’ve also addressed the leak to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act. Individuals who were potentially impacted are being notified and flaws are being checked in the compromised information system that was taken offline in March of 2015. Investigations are currently taking place to attempt to hash out who was responsible for the incident.

Analyst Notes

Since the majority of the information involved information regarding the MOCS, users are suggested to keep on the lookout for unwarranted activity involving their civil servant identity.