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Ecuador Keeping U.S. Out of Anonymous’ Crosshairs

Anonymous (opFreeAssange): While many would expect that the United States would be a significant target following the arrest of Julian Assange, that has not been the case up to this point. A recent development out of Ecuador appears to be keeping the focus on Ecuador for withdrawing their support for Assange.  It has recently come to light that shortly following their withdraw of support, Ecuador arrested a friend of Julian Assange on the grounds of “national security.”  The government claims that the Swedish cyber-security expert was suspected of attacking computer systems in Ecuador, though so far has shown little evidence.  Many privacy advocates are calling this a blatant attack on free speech.  Surprisingly, little has been said about attacking the United States following Assange’s arrest.  The primary focuses have been Ecuador and the United Kingdom, followed closely by Sweden, even though many claim the arrest only happened because of insistence by the United States.  Ecuador has already suffered a significant number of attacks following the arrest of Mr. Assange.

Analyst Notes

News of this latest arrest will likely lead to further waves of attacks on government systems over the coming days.