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Exim Vulnerability “21Nails” Impacts 60% of all Email Servers

Recently, researchers at Qualys found a series of 21 vulnerabilities which they have nicknamed “21Nails”, TheRecord reports. These bugs impact Exim, which has a market share of nearly 60% among all Mail Transport Agent (MTA) solutions. The full list of bugs can be found on Qualys’ writeup, however, there are 11 vulnerabilities that require local access and 10 that can be exploited remotely. As previous Exim bugs have seen broad abuse from cybercrime and nation-state actors, researchers are urging users to patch with the utmost urgency.

Analyst Notes

As there are several remote accessible vulnerabilities discovered, Binary Defense recommends patching as soon as possible. Due to the sensitive information that may exist on an email server, email servers are prime targets for threat actors looking to do damage. Binary Defense also recommends employing a 24/7 SOC solution such as Binary Defense’s own Security Operations Task Force to find exploit activity quickly and respond to stop attackers from doing damage.