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Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Card Scam

US federal agencies have issued a warning against making, selling, or purchasing fake COVID-19 vaccination record cards as this is against the law. Additionally, using fake vaccination record cards could also put others at risk, increasing the chance of spreading the virus to unprotected people. “If you did not receive the vaccine, do not buy fake vaccine cards, do not make your vaccine cards, and do not fill-in blank vaccination record cards with false information,” the federal agencies warned today. “By misrepresenting yourself as vaccinated when entering schools, mass transit, workplaces, gyms, or places of worship, you put yourself and others around you at risk of contracting COVID-19.”

Analyst Notes

People who have received the vaccine and have a legitimate vaccine record card should avoid posting a picture of their card on any social media. There is personal information on your card that attackers could use to perform identity theft attacks. The FTC said in February that the number of identity theft reports has doubled last year compared to 2019, reaching a record of 1.4 million reports within a single year. According to stats provided by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), over 372,000 Americans have reported financial losses of more than $365 million after falling victims to COVID-19-related scams since the start of 2020.

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