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Fake Fortnight Apps for Android are Spreading

While the game of Fortnight is being released across many platforms, the Android version won’t be available until later this year. That hasn’t stopped hackers from creating fake Fortnight apps for Android, or people downloading those fake apps for Android. Many of the fakes can be found on Google or on YouTube and downloaded. They cannot be found on the Google Play Store, which should be a clue. The fake apps look normal, and even use a pirated icon and loading screen from iOS. The app will then ask the victim to download a new update and ask for “mobile verification” that redirects to a browser page, which claims to verify that the user isn’t a bot. This page, however, merely downloads another app, which in itself, isn’t malicious–it is the end-goal of the fake app scammers in order to receive their financial reward. The victims don’t really suffer; they just will never get to play Fortnight and they will have an app that they didn’t want and won’t use. Analysts say these tricks are common with the pending release of new video games and most victims are likely to be children who are just impatient. Be careful out there, kids.