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Four Major US Cellphone Carriers are Teaming Up to End App Passwords

Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have joined forces to create what is called “Project Verify.” The intent is to make accessing apps easier while keeping your phone secure. Although it is not available to the public just yet, information as to how the service works has been released. It seems as if the service will run through an app and will allow the carriers to use authentication details such as phone number, IP address, SIM details, and account type to authenticate the user. This service could also act as the second factor in two-factor authentication which is likely to be more secure than receiving an SMS message or e-mail with login codes. The carriers may have some questions to answer though–such as what happens if a phone gets stolen? Even though most phones are locked with fingerprints or PINs, it is not unheard of to override those security measures. There is no timetable for a release date, but they have created a Project Verify website which can provide more information.