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FuboTV Suffers Outage During World Cup

FuboTV, a streaming service used by many to stream and watch television fell victim to a cyber-attack while many users were attempting to watch the world cup semi-final. When customers went to log in, they were faced with an error that prevented them from logging into their accounts. Furthermore, none of the customers were able to access customer support, as FuboTv requires users to be logged into their account in order to access support. FuboTV eventually tweeted that they were aware of the problem but did not release details. The company has partnered with Mandiant to identify the cause and severity of the breach, but they were able to confirm it was not a DDoS attack that caused the outage, and they believe it was likely unauthorized access to their servers.

Analyst Notes

Anyone that is a customer of FuboTV should be monitoring for any change in account activity including password or email changes. They should also be on the lookout for an update from FuboTV regarding what, if any, information was stolen and how to mitigate the attack from a customer standpoint.