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Hamas Stepping up Cyber-Espionage Abilities

Members of Hamas have been building up their cyber-espionage abilities against Israeli military members. The group have previously carried out cyber-espionage campaigns designed to trick users into downloading malware, but are now gathering intelligence through direct elicitation. In previous campaigns, the group have posed as attractive young women. In this most recent campaign, they have been posing as other members of the Israeli military in order to elicit information from other members of the various branches of the Israeli military. The group has even been utilizing classified and confidential information that they have already obtained in order to build trust with users that are “on the fence” about trusting them. While users are becoming more aware of the risk of giving away personal information online, there are still too many who are too quick to trust others.

Analyst Notes

As long as users are quick to trust people online, attackers will likely still find great success in their online espionage campaigns.