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Indian Cyber Club Hacks Pakistani Bank

Ne0Sec: An Indian hacking group or “cyber club” as they are being called posted to Twitter yesterday that they managed to hack the website of the First Microfinance Bank of Pakistan. The group carried out a website defacement attack that praised the “martyrs” that sacrificed themselves to uphold the security of India. The message on the website also included a warning to Pakistan’s Prime Minister. The group’s tweet went viral, showing a picture of the defaced page, which soon was taken down with a message from the site saying they would be back online shortly. Ne0Sec was praised by many people on Twitter for this attack while it gained popularity.

Analyst Notes

Though this attack was a simple website defacement attack and it does not appear that the group has stolen any information, it will still probably constitute some type of retaliation on Pakistan’s part with them carrying out a similar attack towards an Indian entity. Typically, in the past, these two countries have carried out these types of cyber-attacks against one another which eventually escalates into attacks other than simple website defacements.