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Indian Hackers Target Pakistani Navy

LulzSec India: Hackers claiming to be members of LulzSec India have dumped the credentials belonging to 16 different accounts of the Pakistani Navy.  This dump contained usernames and both hashed and cleartext copies of the passwords for the accounts.  The accounts supposedly allow for access to the paknavy(dot)gov(dot)pk website, but that has yet to be confirmed.  This was carried out as yet another attack with the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan.  Up till this attack India had been taking the majority of the online beating due to Ayyaldiz Tim’s support of Pakistan.

Analyst Notes

While the Indian and Pakistani governments have been making some progress towards easing tensions, various groups on each side do not seem quite as willing to let things go and this will most likely not be the last cyber-attack between the two sides of the conflict.