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Legal Scholars Are Working on New Rules for International Hacking Conflicts

Legal experts have started drafting a five-year project to determine guidelines surrounding international cyber conflicts. This will be the third edition of the NATO sponsored document that was originally created in 2007. Document titled “Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations” is named for the capital of Estonia, which houses NATO’s cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence. The guidelines will be coauthored by three cyber law experts and then reviewed by an additional 20 cyber professionals from various countries.  

Analyst Notes

The Tallinn manual is being revised after several world leaders have expressed the need for such guidelines. Most recently, President Biden met with Vladimir Putin to discuss an agreement that makes critical infrastructure off limits from international cyber-attacks. President Biden also asked that Putin take action against cyber-criminals that operate within Russia, without any disruption or consequence. President Biden threatened to take action against Russia if they fail to comply. Even with revised guidelines and laws, threat actors will continue to carry out attacks. At the very least, having the laws will provide some stability and a vehicle for world leaders to use to take action against cyber criminals.