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Magecart May Be Behind Data Breach of OXO International

Analysis of a data breach of OXO International has revealed a possible connection to the cyber-criminal group Magecart.  According to the statement made by OXO, the company’s e-commerce site suffered multiple data breaches which appear to have taken place sometime between June 9th to November 28th 2017, June 8th to June 9th 2018, and from July 20th to October 16th 2018.  During each of those periods, the attackers had access to customer’s names, billing and shipping addresses, and credit card information.  While the malware has been removed from the company’s systems, no details of how it made its way onto their systems have been released.  Though no definitive actions have been taken to name the culprit, the malware was found to contain a number of similarities to the malware used by Magecart during their attacks on Newegg, British Airways, and Ticketmaster.