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Malaysian Authorities Takedown 680 Suspected Members of Chinese Cyber-Fraud Gang

China: Malaysian law enforcement has disrupted a Chinese cyber-fraud group which was operating in the Malaysian town of Cyberjaya, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.  A team of 150 law enforcement officers raided the group’s headquarters, where they are believed to have been operating for the past six months.  During the raid it is believed that approximately 100 members of the group were able to escape.  The group was operating out of Malaysia, but they targeted victims in China using a Mandarin-language website.  Exact details of the scam have not been made readily available yet, but it was made clear that transactions were conducted through WeChat Pay or through Chinese Banks. This is not the first takedown of a large Chinese cyber-crime group outside of China. Last month Mongolian police arrested approximately 800 Chinese citizens running illegal online gambling, identity theft, hacking, and money laundering schemes.  In September Philippine authorities arrested 324 Chinese citizens on similar charges.

Analyst Notes

Cyber-fraud schemes continue to be very lucrative business around the globe in spite of growing attention. Even with increasing attempts to educate people to protect themselves online, cyber-fraudsters continue to find new ways to target and take advantage of victims. It is always important to conduct research about who you are doing business with online and ensure that any organization which offers to conduct financial transaction is really who they claim to be. Further details of this story can be found at: