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Million Mask March Passes in Relative Peace

A large number Anonymous members and their supporters took to the streets in major cities around the world yesterday as part of the Million Mask March.  Some of the largest demonstrations took place throughout London, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.  Following the violence that took place in London during the Million Mask March in 2015, stricter controls were put in place to avoid a repeat of the violence and destruction.  Along with Anonymous, a number of Antifa members were also present protesting as well.  In London alone, there were 53 arrests involving drugs, weapons, public order offenses, obstruction offences, and some criminal damage incidents.  While there were a number of attempts to disrupt police activity in D.C., there were no significant incidents there either.  On the cyber-side of the Million Mask March, it was relatively uneventful.  Some increased propaganda went out during the early hours of the London March in support of Julian Assange, but no actual attacks.  A sharp spike in online discussions of cyber-activity was seen as well during the Million Mask March in Akron, Ohio.  Anonymous members made claims that the Akron Police Department had attempted to intimidate members of Anonymous as well as attempting to block them from conducting their protests and march.  Initial plans were to flood the departments non-emergency line with complaints about the department.

While many have expressed concern following the events of the 2015 Million Mask March, a number of the organizers were adamant that anyone who participated in protests anywhere in the world be non-violent and that the focus remains on furthering their agenda in a meaningful way and that violence would only damage their ability to cause meaningful change.

Analyst Notes

The Akron Police Department have been targeted by Anonymous in the past, and it is possible that this could make them a target again.