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More Russian Election Hacking Allegations

Allegations of Russian tampering with the U.S. midterm elections have continued this week.  This time the allegations come from Alabama Congressional candidate Tabitha Isner who claims that her campaign’s website had been targeted 1,492 times over a 7-day period–1,317 of which originated in Russia.  Isner was notified of this when her web hosting company contacted her about spikes in traffic.  According to Isner there have been no indications that any information was stolen from her campaign.  When she posted the data online she did so with the question “Unsure whether the Russians are still trying to hack our elections?”  According to her campaign’s website administrator, all of the Russian traffic was being blocked so no damage was able to come from the increased traffic.  It is possible that activity like this is being carried out to intentionally draw attention and cast uncertainty on the upcoming elections in the minds of those who are most fearful of Russian tampering.