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Multiple Sanctions Brought Down Against Russian-backed Organizations and Agencies

In response to the SolarWinds supply attack, the U.S. government issued sanctions against Russia. In the order, clear attribution was made, stating that teams in the Russian SVR were responsible for the attacks. In addition to the SolarWinds attacks, attribution was made against the Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) for election interference and six companies who assisted the agencies providing false identities and enabled the spread of disinformation. Lastly, the order also placed sanctions on multiple cryptocurrency addresses associated with one of the now-sanctioned organizations, Second Eye Solutions.

Analyst Notes

These sanctions are likely to be a start in responses to the multiple attacks against U.S. organizations seen within the past few years. There has been notice given by the Russian President that there will be a response to the multiple sanctions, time will tell what kind of response that will be. As always, it is a good time to examine one’s security posture as international relations will often leave organizations in the crossfire until conflicts are resolved.