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NCAA Phishing Scams

With March Madness being a hugely popular time for streaming services, scammers are taking advantage of the hype. Multiple scammers have been found making fake domains which promise free streaming of popular tournaments such as the NCAA. These fake sites are targeting massive groups of faithful fans. These sites are easily accessed through simple browser searches and appear legitimate. Researchers are finding dozens of these fake domains cropping up daily. The sites are using such tactics as adware, scareware, credential stealers and fake betting pools to tempt the user to input their credit card information for gambling purposes. Where this comes into play for the business world is many users attempt to view these games while using their work computers and mobile devices using their employer’s network.

Analyst Notes

Only stream this content through trusted sources such as popular tv networks and the NCAA. Also, the user should update their malware and antivirus software on a regular basis. If the source asks to install a browser extension, the user should immediately exit the page they are viewing.