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Netflix Scammers

The email security firm MailGuard has intercepted an email that claims to be from the popular streaming service Netflix. This new email appears to be from Netflix and states that the user’s “billing information has been modified,” attempting to trick the recipient into clicking a link to a fake version of the Netflix help center to complete “missing information.” The email threatens that the recipient’s account will be suspended if they do not follow the instructions. Some notable differences from official Netflix emails are that legitimate messages from Netflix do not start with: “Hello from Netflix Help Center” and that there are several spelling and grammar errors in the body of the email. The attackers are hoping to get login credentials and credit card information from unsuspecting victims with this new scheme.

Analyst Notes

Phishing emails such as these are unfortunately part of everyday life but there are some ways to tell if the email is authentic or not. Before a recipient opens an email, they should check the senders’ address. If it is not from the actual company, such as a address, then the email should immediately be treated as suspicious. If spelling and grammatical errors are found, then again, the email is most likely fake. Large organizations spend much time and energy to ensure that their messages are as correct as possible. If there is any doubt about the legitimacy of an email that requires logging in to update account records, the best solution is to not click any links in the email, but instead log in to the website directly by using a web browser bookmark or typing in the known address for the site, then check for any important messages and update account information only if needed.

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