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North Korea Denied UN Report Allegations of Hacking Crypto-exchanges

North Kora: North Korea has responded to the allegations from the UN, which stated that they had stolen up to two billion dollars from hacking crypto-exchanges alone. The report from the UN came out in early August, but North Korea has been silent until now. In a statement that they released in their new agency, they stated that these claims were false. North Korea’s Lazarus Group, which is believed to make up 65% of the hacks have been known for years to target different financial institutions. These attacks on the different exchanges have been happening for years, and although there has not been any concrete evidence on who has been behind them, all of the attacks follow their trend. North Korea has a track record of not telling its citizens the truth, and this report from their news agency is no different. North Korea does not recognize the UN and its sanctions and their denial of these allegations comes with no surprise.