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One Suspect Pleads Guilty to 2017 D.C. Camera Attack

A Romanian woman has plead guilty to the role that she played in the ransomware attack on security cameras throughout Washington D.C. ahead of the 2017 inauguration.  The attack took place just days before the inauguration of President Trump and left more than 100 police surveillance camera in the D.C. area inaccessible to police. After infecting 126 computers with two different malware variants, police were unable to access two thirds of their cameras.  The ransomware attack was later traced back to two Romanians, Eveline Cismaru and Miai Alexandru Isvanca.  Cismaru was brought to the U.S. in late July and plead guilty this week to her part in the attack.  While she has not yet been sentenced, she could face as much as 25 years in prison but could see a shorter sentence as she has agreed to help prosecutors build a stronger case against Isvanca.  Isvanca was captured in March in the United Kingdom and is currently being held pending an extradition hearing.