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OpCatalonia Buildup Likely to Continue

The volume of attacks launched by Anonymous against the Spanish government are likely to increase over the coming weeks.  The one-year anniversary of the vote for Catalan independence is quickly approaching.  Even though the vote was in favor of Catalan independence, the Spanish government refused to recognize the vote.  This led to massive protests which resulted in a large number of documented cases of police violence against the protesters.  This then led to the birth of the OpCatalonia campaign in which the hacktivist organization extensively targeted the Spanish government.  The Catalan separatist movement is currently pushing for another vote which is supported by Catalan’s Regional President Quim Torra, who is currently in exile in Brussels.  As October 1st nears, attacks by Anonymous are likely to increase and will possibly be at their worst near or on October 17th, which is the one-year anniversary of the Spanish refusal to accept the vote.