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OpIcarus Slowly Limping Along

Much like previous phases of the OpIcarus campaign, this phase seems to be slowly limping to a slow death.  Every phase since Phase 4 of OpIcarus in 2016, Black October, has suffered through a slow death as anons begin to lose interest in the operation.  Black October likely only saw the support it did because it was the last phase to have a defined start and end date.  This phase, like most, started strong with good support from seasoned members of Anonymous, but as the operations continued, it slowly lost supporters.  As sharp decrease in activity and support was seen following the loss of LoriaSynaro, the operation’s largest supporter, to OpSudan.  While reconnaissance data is still being posted sporadically to try to inspire anons to carry out DDoS attacks, each post has seen less and less interest from members of Anonymous.

Analyst Notes

While some reconnaissance data may continue to be posted over the next week or two, it is unlikely that many more attacks will be seen. It is probable that we will see the end of this phase within the next two weeks.