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OpIsrael Preparations Take an Interesting Turn

Preparations for the upcoming OpIsrael campaign have taken an interesting turn. A pro-Palestinian hacker has begun posting a significant number of compromised wireless cameras in OpIsrael forums and discussions. The compromised cameras are from a number of locations throughout Israel that include private businesses, street side security cameras, and private residences. Based off of statements made by the hacker, he likely intends to link all of these cameras together as part of a botnet which will be used to launch DDoS attacks during the attacks on Israel this weekend and possibly longer. The hacker has been working closely with other Palestinian hackers who are hoping to continue attacks on Israeli targets up to the 14th of April

Analyst Notes

For years now, hackers have utilized the poor security on IoT devices, such as cameras, to create massive botnets which have been used for some of the largest DDoS attacks to date. It is currently unknown how many cameras have been compromised or if there are other IoT devices compromised and tied to this potential botnet.