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Oracle Joins Initiative to Standardize Multi-Cloud Security Notifications

Oracle Cloud has recently joined the Cloud Security Notification Framework project (CSNF), an initiative to standardize security notifications across multiple cloud platforms. Oracle joins Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM and establishes that four of the top five cloud service providers now work in unison with the largest cloud consumers to develop a standard multi-cloud security notification for enterprises.

The initiative was established by ONUG, an independent collective for digital enterprise executives, and seeks to develop a standardized framework for dealing with security alerts in a cloud environment. Security reporting varies by cloud service, as each one has their own processes, creating an even steeper learning curve for organizations as they adopt each delivery method.

The CSNF project has been establishing an alert model that can be processed without confusion and scaled with the needed security posture in place. The initiative can fill the need for a common language, definition, and syntax for cloud providers to send security notifications to their customers.

Analyst Notes

Organizations are challenged by the need to monitor cloud computing environments for threats and may not be equipped to deal with multi-environment challenges. A standard security notification system can help clear up some confusion across multiple platforms. Cloud providers need to continue working in unison to provide easier and more secure standards, which will relieve some of the fears organizations face.