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OVH Datacenter Goes up in Flames

ZDNet reported that a disastrous fire has done severe damage to some of OVH’s Strasbourg datacenters. Of the damaged datacenters, SBG2 is completely destroyed, while parts of SBG1 are only damaged. Fortunately, the only loss seems to be computer equipment and data, as all of OVH’s staff are reported as safe. OVH has recommended that companies that were using OVH to store data enact their own Disaster Recovery (DR) plans as the backup servers were among the list of “completely destroyed”.

Analyst Notes

As the backup servers were completely destroyed, many companies may now be without data. This is one of the reasons Binary Defense recommends companies use a robust method backup management that includes storing backups in more than one geographic location. The cost of completely rebuilding databases of business-critical information from scratch will likely be much higher than the cost of redundant backup operations that replicates data to a secondary location.