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Pakistan Finds Unusual Ally in Tensions With India

Ayyildiz Tim: Pakistan found a surprising ally in the ramp-up of tensions with India. The Turkish hacker group Ayyildiz Tim has sided with Pakistan this week and targeted 60 Indian websites.  The targeted websites were a mix of government offices, universities, and small private businesses.   While the group has been very open about their support for Pakistan, nothing has been said about why they chose to side with Pakistan. While tensions have been decreasing over the past couple of days, any increase in tensions would be cause for a significant increase in threat to business interests in India due to such a powerful ally supporting Pakistan.  While there have been some continued issues in Kashmir, both sides of the conflict have continued to talk and keep reactions low

Analyst Notes

While both India and Pakistan have large Muslim populations, Pakistan does have a significantly higher Muslim population which is probably why Ayyildiz Tim has chosen to side with Pakistan. Without a significant event to set off either side, cyber-attacks will probably begin to taper off.